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Mesin Hydraulic SHD 315/90 mm
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Harga: Rp. 55.000.000 / Unit
Brand: Wuxi Shengda
Pembelian Minimal: 1 Unit
Pengiriman: 2 hari sejak pembayaran
Masa Aktif: Selamanya
Update: 23-01-2019 07:52
Dilihat:18 Kali
 Hidraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine SHD 160/63

Application and Features:

  • Suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP and PVDF in a ditch in worksite or workshop.
  • Consists of basic frame, hydraulic unit, planing tool, heating plate, support for planing tool & heating plate, and optional parts.
  • Removable PTFE coated heating plate with high accurate temperature control system;
  • Electrical planing tool.
  • Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure, small and delicate, user friendly.
  • Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.
  • Changeable welding position enables to weld various fittings more easily.
  • High accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings.
  • Separate two-channel timer records time in soaking and cooling phases.

Optional parts:

  • Stub end device for short flange.
  • Data logger.
  • Trolly

 Technical Parameters:

Model SHD 315/90
Pipe size (mm) 90,110,125,140,160,180,200,225,250,280,315
Heating plate max. temp. 270℃
Temp. deviation in surface (170~250℃) ≤±7℃
Pressure adjustable Ranges 0-6.3Mpa
Working voltage 220V、50Hz
Heating plate power 3.5KW
Planing tool power 1.1KW
Hydraulic unit power 0.75KW
Total power 5.35KW
Weight 216Kg
Packing Cases 3PlywoodCases
Volume 1.07CBM
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